Frontier Student Emergency Fund 

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Please give specific detail about the situation you are in and how it impacts your life so the committee can better understand your need.

Through the donations of many individuals and organizations, Frontier has funds available for students facing unexpected financial situations that threaten their ability to continue with their studies. The Student Emergency Scholarship Fund was established in 2016. The purpose of the scholarship program is to assist students who are experiencing a financial need due to an unforeseen emergency. The Student Emergency Scholarship Fund has been able to help students who have financial needs due to domestic violence, medical needs, death of a spouse, natural disasters, and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Students experiencing unexpected circumstances can request financial assistance from the fund to ensure they are able to continue their education. Applications should be submitted within 3 months of the event. These funds are not intended to cover expected or routine costs of attending FNU such as Frontier Bound, Clinical Bound, expenses incurred as a result of clinical practicum, or certification exams. They are also not intended to cover routine expenses of daily living in the absence of an emergency situation. Documentation may be requested.

Scholarships awarded are considered part of the student’s financial aid package. If a student has already received the maximum allotment of financial aid, any award would go toward decreasing their student loan debt. In that situation, unfortunately, no award can be given since it would not be available for the emergency. Students may check with the Financial Aid Office to determine if they are eligible to receive additional funds prior to submitting a request.

If the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected you or your immediate family financially due to illness or job loss, you may apply to the fund.
The FNU Emergency Scholarship is not part of the regular Spring and Fall scholarship award cycle. The FNU Emergency Scholarship has a continuous open application cycle and we aim to make decisions promptly to respond to an emergency.