Who Can Participate?

Any FNU graduate whose degree was officially conferred since the previous year's Commencement is invited to participate. Current FNU students whose degree has not yet been officially conferred must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • DNP students - Have an A, B, I or IP grade in all required DNP courses.

  • MSN & PGC students - Have an A or B in MH/NM/NP/WH 715 posted to the transcript AND have an A, B, or IP grade in MH/NM/NP/WH 716 AND have an A, B, or I grade MH/NM/NP/WH 717* AND have an A, B, or I grade in PC713 by the date of Commencement.

  • Students earning multiple degrees from FNU may choose to participate in the Commencement ceremony after each degree or wait and participate once after all degrees are earned.

*Students who fail MH/NM/NP/WH717 in the summer term must contact their Academic Advisor to determine eligibility for participation in the Commencement Ceremony.

2020 VENUE and other details... COMING SOON!