Regalia (gown-hood-cap) must be worn to participate in our in-person Commencement ceremonies. For on-time delivery, you should order at least six weeks before the event (additional time may be required for custom orders). Click here to read some interesting facts about the tradition of wearing academic regalia. has an online store set up for FNU students to help guide your regalia purchase. It is not required that FNU students purchase from You must wear regalia to participate in person, but you may opt to purchase from any comparable vendor.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR MSN or DNP degree and will be eligible to have us recognize a Post Graduate Certificate (PGC) at commencement this year, you should plan to wear the regalia package of your most recently achieved degree level (master's or doctoral). You may wear a previously purchased set of regalia (gown-cap-hood), or you may purchase one now. You will line up for the processional with your PGC specialty cohort, but wear your hood when you cross the stage as your name is called instead of having it placed on you during the ceremony.

To view Josten's regalia packages and other related products:

  1. Go to --> "Find My School."
  2. >Type "Frontier Nursing University - Versailles, KY" in the search bar and hit "Enter" for the FNU dashboard.
  3. Click on "My School Store" for a dropdown menu of the entire line of products queued with FNU specifications.
  4. To view standard (budget) regalia packages, click "Graduation Caps & Gowns."
  5. If you anticipate wearing regalia multiple times - such as those working in academia - you may wish to invest in one of the longer-lasting "Fine Quality Regalia" packages.

NOTE: Choose "Nursing" in the field that asks for "major/curriculum." This will get you to the apricot-colored velvet hood trim that FNU graduates wear. If purchasing elsewhere, please ensure your hood is black with royal blue and white satin lining and apricot velvet trim.

Below are some informational PDF files that may be helpful when ordering:

NOTE: Package options and pricing were accurate when published but may not reflect current vendor information. Please consult for the most up-to-date details.

For additional information or assistance regarding Josten's complete line of products (caps, gowns, hoods, tassels, rings, etc.), please get in touch with their Customer Service line at 800-854-7464.

DNP Graduates purchasing a Fine Quality package:

***IMPORTANT*** You must DOWNLOAD the above order forms to your device to complete them. You will not be permitted to edit the master files of these forms. If you request "Edit" access, your request will be denied. With "View-only" access, you should be able to download the forms to your device without any issues.

What IS "Custom Fine Quality" regalia?

Available only for the doctoral Fine Quality packages listed above, Custom FQ packages come with embroidered FNU-specific detailing on the front panels of the gown. 


US Military Veterans 

FNU graduates who are also military veterans will be offered complimentary veteran honors cords at the ceremony venue on 09.28.24. Ask for yours in the Graduate Dressing Room that morning after you complete check-in. We thank you for your service!

FNU Alumni Association

Click on the image below for further details:

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI & the Chi Pi local chapter)

To order from the Sigma Marketplace, click on the image below (avg. price with shipping + $34.00)