Regalia (gown-hood-cap) must be worn to participate in our in-person Commencement ceremonies. It is suggested that you order at least 6 weeks before the event for on-time delivery (additional time may be required for custom orders).

We recommend purchasing from Jostens and have provided those details below. However, students may opt to purchase from any comparable vendor.

QUICK STEPS to choose and order your Jostens gown, hood, etc.:

  1. View this MEASURING GUIDE for help with the sizing of gowns and caps.

  2. See the "Regalia Buying Guide" below to decide which package you need. (CLICK HERE for a downloadable chart with enlarged visibility)

    • If buying a basic "Student Evolution" package (master or doctoral), go to then type "Frontier Nursing" in the "Find my school" toolbar. From there, go to "Graduation Caps & Gowns" and select "Student Homeship" to view and order your selected regalia package. 

    • If buying from the "Fine Quality" line of products, continue with steps 3 & 4, below:  

NOTE: Please choose "Nursing" in the field that asks for "major." This will get you to the apricot-colored velvet hood trim that all FNU graduates should wear. If purchasing elsewhere please make sure your hood is black with royal blue and white satin lining and apricot velvet trim.

3. Refer to this PRODUCT BROCHURE for image samples of "Fine Quality" packages.

4. Download and complete the Fine Quality ORDER FORM or Custom FQ ORDER FORM (customizing your Fine Quality package). Please send completed order forms:


What IS "Custom Fine Quality" regalia?

Available only for the doctoral Fine Quality packages listed above, Custom FQ packages come with embroidered FNU-specific detailing on the front panels of the gown. Here's a sample photo (courtesy of our own Dr. Cathy Cook): 


DIPLOMA FRAMES - please note these dimensions:

MSN diplomas measure 11x8.5 (a standard sheet of paper with landscape orientation). See image: 

DNP diplomas - beginning with those who complete their degree in Spring 2020 or later, these diplomas now measure 14x11 (a large sheet of paper with landscape orientation). See image: 



FNU Alumni Association - Click on the image below for further details:

U.S. Military Veterans

To order from Honors, click on the image below (avg. price with shipping = $10)

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)

To order from Sigma Marketplace, click on the image below (avg. price with shipping = $34.00):