Frontier Nursing University has partnered with CastleBranch, one of the top ten background check and compliance management companies in the nation to provide you a secure account to manage your time-sensitive school and clinical requirements. After you complete the order process and create your account, you can log in to monitor your order status, view your results, respond to alerts, and complete your requirements. You will return to your account by logging into and entering your username (email used during order placement) and secure password.

Newly Admitted Students

Before arriving on campus at FNU, you must complete the background check and immunization / medical records validation steps through the CastleBranch portal.

Please complete these steps as soon as possible:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on the red Place Order button
  3. Select the Frontier Bound Class Number provided on your Offer of Admissions Email / Letter
  4. Select the checkbox after you review the information
  5. Review the terms and check the two boxes in agreement
  6. Complete all the information on the Place Order page and finish the process  

Clinical Bound Students

You will receive email communications from Credentialing in Week 1 of the term prior to your Clinical Bound term, which will include the due date for these materials during week 5 of the term.    Details can be found in Canvas > Clinical Bound 101 > Preparation by Term > Term Before Clinical Bound > Student Compliance Requirements.

Your Clinical Credentialing team provides three interactive information sessions during the term before your Clinical Bound term to help you understand all the details of how this preparation will work, the communication you can expect, and the consequences if you miss the due date.

Click here to access instructions and checklist for clinical compliance.

Once you have completed all the clinical student compliance requirements, you'll be ready to register for your clinical courses! If you do not complete the requirements by Week 5 of the term before your Clinical Bound term, you will be unable to register for courses, which may result in late registration fees.

Payment Information

Your payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit, electronic check and money orders. Note: Use of electronic check or money order will delay order processing until payment is received.

Accessing Your Account

To access your account, log in using the email address you provided and the password you created during order placement. Your administrator will have their own secure portal to view your compliance status and results. 

Connecting/Troubleshooting Your Accounts

To connect your CastleBranch account to your FNU profile, log in to the Bayan Tree Portal, click "Profile," scroll down to "My Compliance," and click the button "Link to CastleBranch Account."  Follow the instructions as listed on this link.

CastleBranch Support / Contact Us

For additional assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 888-­723-­4263 or visit for further information.