SAGE Network

Supporting Achievement in Graduate Education (SAGE) Network


“To me, the support from one another in a distance program makes ALL the difference. The connections really matter, just like the connections with our patients.” ~Barb, CFNP


SAGE is designed to provide a supportive network to students as you adjust academically and emotionally to graduate distance learning. If you are eager to learn how to navigate online learning, balance life's demands, or share your tips on how to stay motivated as a graduate student, this is the community for you! The SAGE mentoring network allows you instantly meet and interact with wide range of people, including FNU alumni, seeking a similar type of support and motivation. Although not required, if you prefer a more one-on-one mentoring relationship you are encouraged to "pair up" with another FNU student or alumnus via the network.

The SAGE Network Facebook page is a place to find encouragement when you need it. It's also a place to give support to your peers when they need it! Post a funny cartoon, share a joke, talk about your triumphs, both big and small, or seek encouragement after a hard day. The SAGE Network community is here to help you be successful at Frontier and beyond.



Interested students and alumni may request to join the SAGE Network in two ways: 1) search for the "SAGE Network at Frontier Nursing University" on Facebook and click "join" or 2) by completing the SAGE Network Membership Acknowledgement formon this site. Prior to receiving approval to join, all SAGE Network members must agree, in writing, to the expectations of the community. These membership expectations will be sent via Facebook messenger to those who initiate membership via the Facebook page or can be accessed via the SAGE Network Membership form above.

Please note: the SAGE Network is not a tutoring service, but instead, a community to offer encouragement, time management tips, how to stay motivated, and how to cheer on your fellow classmates. Therefore, per the FNU Honor Code, every member must refrain from discussing academic work in this community (ie: no posts about specific assignments and test questions). Although this community is designed for student engagement, it is managed by FNU administration. We encourage you to read the membership expectations carefully.

Search for SAGE Network at Frontier Nursing University on Facebook. 

Submit the SAGE Network Membership Acknowledgement form to be approved for membership.

View the pdf document explaining the SAGE Network Membership Expectations for more information.


For more information, please contact: