Advising for Course Registration

Advising for Didactic

Although advisors are available year-round for consultation, you will be expected to meet with your advisor at least once per term during the didactic phase of your program.  During these required registration meetings, your advisor will discuss your current term, your upcoming term, and your overall progress toward graduation.  You will want to prepare for these meetings by being at your computer (if possible), having your program of study / degree audit on hand, and drafting a list of questions or concerns.

Whenever possible, you will meet with your advisor via Google Hangouts or Google Meet*.  This method of communication is preferable primarily because it is more personal, but also because it provides an opportunity to screen share documents and resources that may be helpful to your discussion.  If you are unable to meet via Hangouts or Meet, telephone is an acceptable alternative.

Registration takes place during the 7-8th weeks of the term, and your advisor will send an email 3-4 weeks in advance of that, asking you to schedule an appointment.  Appointments are scheduled through each advisor's Google Calendar** and a link to this will be included in the email.  If you do not schedule something right away, you will receive periodic reminders.

*Click here for a tutorial.  You will need to sign in with your FNU credentials and then select "Google Hangouts Training."

**Your Google Calendar should be set up in your time zone.  When you search your advisor's calendar for an appointment, available times will appear for you in your time zone and for your advisor in their time zone.  

Advising for Clinical

It is never too early to start preparing for clinicals.  All students are directed to self-enroll in Clinical Bound 101, a self-paced course designed to assist you in understanding the clinical search, clinical course expectations, and the clinical credentialing process.  If CB101 is not in your list of enrolled courses within Canvas, please contact your advisor.  Students are expected to work in CB101 between the first term of study up to arrival on campus for Clinical Bound.   

It is important that students begin cultivating a strong relationship with their Regional Clinical Faculty (RCF) early in their studies.  The RCF is the faculty dedicated to supporting you and your preceptor(s) throughout the clinical experience.  Although the responsibility for identifying a preceptor and clinical site belongs to the student, the RCF can help guide you in the process.  You are also encouraged to seek the assistance of your Clinical Advisor.  Clinical Advisors can help you discern appropriate types of sites, support you in using resources to locate site and preceptors, and guide you to internal and external resources to support your efforts.

Your advisor and RCF will collaborate as you prepare for Clinical Bound, and once you have registered for the CB term, your RCF will take over as during the clinical phase of your program.  You will meet with your RCF regularly each term to monitor your progress and ensure that you register for the appropriate clinical courses.  Your academic advisor will remain assigned to you and will support you and keep an eye on your progress until graduation.

Self-Service Registration Instructions

From the first time you register at Bound, you will be expected to sign up for your own courses in Frontier's Self-Service module.  You should become familiar with Self-Service not only for registration purposes, but also for other valuable tools and information (e.g., you can update your address, see your unofficial transcript, submit a status change form, etc.). 

Detailed instructions for online course registration can be found on the Registrar portal page for "Course Registration." 

FOR FRONTIER BOUND STUDENTS ONLY - Enrollment Statement of Obligation

All students who are beginning a new academic program at FNU will be asked to complete the Enrollment Statement of Obligation form during the Advising and Course Registration session at Frontier Bound. You will need to be logged in with your FNU credentials and will be permitted to submit the form only once. If you have any questions please contact your assigned Academic Advisor or send an email to