Banyan Tree Portal

The Banyan Tree portal is accessible to FNU faculty, staff, preceptors, students, independent contractors, and administration. Each group has differing access to different parts of the Tree.

  • Alumni and preceptors have general user access
  • Dismissed or withdrawn students do not have access to the Banyan Tree. Upon dismissal or withdrawal, all Banyan Tree and FNU systems access will be immediately inaccessible to the student. The student will have access to e-mail for 72 hours after dismissal or withdrawal so that any needed information can be retrieved.
  • Prior faculty and staff will not have access after leaving FNU.
  • Inactive users may be deleted after one year of inactivity. An inactive user may be reactivated by making a request to the Sysop for reactivation.

Frontier Online Orientation Requirement Prior to Starting Any Courses

Prior to starting any course, all new students, faculty, and staff must take the Frontier Online Orientation unless it has been completed within 1 year. The course must be retaken if there has been a new version of the Banyan Tree since the student was actively enrolled. The Frontier Online Orientation course teaches electronic communication skills that are essential to success at the FNU.