The Courier Program Public Health Internship is one based on service learning, and our approach to service learning includes the following:

  • We believe in providing experiential educational opportunities in real-life applications to supplement and enhance knowledge of rural and public health while providing needed support within the community, community partner agencies, and clinic site partners.
  • We believe in providing reflection opportunities to enhance dialogue, critical thinking, and comprehension.
  • We believe in creating opportunities that allow students to address real problems which make their vocational goals relevant, while also fostering a sense of cultural humility, community responsibilities, personal ethics, and self-efficacy.
  • We believe in providing intentional opportunities for students to see Social Determinants of Health, and reflect upon the complex nature of personal health and its effect on the healthcare system as a whole while fostering a sense of cultural humility, and we believe in providing opportunities for growth, a deeper thought process, and rich reflection upon their experiences.