Youtube Streaming

YouTube currently may freeze a user's ability to make videos for 24 hours when they have made several videos in succession. This seems to be due to an algorithm that Google/YouTube uses, of which we have no control over.

As a result, some students video-making ability has been frozen after 4-5 attempts and need to wait until the next day before they can record again. In light of this, we would suggest you offer these instructions to your students:

If you make several videos in quick succession, YouTube may freeze your ability to make more videos until after a 24-hour period. This has happened to students who have tried to record as few as 4-5 videos in a row (although the exact number may vary from user to user).

In order to minimize the need to re-do your video and potentially run into this issue, it is recommended that you:

* Write a script of your presentation

* Practice it beforehand

* Plan on making your recording well in advance of the due date

FNU IT is not able to bypass (i.e. unfreeze) this issue for you.

For more instructions on using Google Hangout on Air / YouTube Live (and PowerPoint with Narration which is then converted to a video, as an option) see:

* YouTube Live 

* PowerPoint with Narration