DDAT/MDAT Assessment Troubleshooting Tips

Please make sure to use a laptop or desktop computer when completing the DDAT/MDAT Assessments.

Please note: The link in the DDAT/MDAT email notification will direct you to the Preceptor Login page and not to the actual Assessment document to complete.  

If you do not receive the DDAT/MDAT email notification, you can still access any pending Assessments through the Preceptor Login.  

To better serve our Frontier Nursing University Preceptors, we have created the Frontier Nursing University Preceptor Login on our FNU Portal Page.  This gives you the ability to add/update your Profile and Payment Election Form to ensure that we have your most up to date information on file to expedite communication with you.  Here you will also access the DDAT/MDAT Assessment Tools to complete.  

Please visit FNU’s Preceptor Login Page: https://portal.frontier.edu/web/fnu/preceptor-login

*Please be sure to use the email address given to us by your Student

To create or change your password, please use the Forgot Password link located below “Sign In”.



Once you have logged on, you will see the links to the DDAT/MDAT Assessment Tools next to the My Profile section as well as a link with instructions on how to complete the assessments.    


When you click on the Assessment Tool link, you will then see where it says Student Assessment Submitted.  Once you click on the Student Assessment Submitted, you should see the option to search for the student's name to view pending Assessments.