LET US KNOW YOU'RE COMING (students only)

We're excitedly planning YOUR graduation celebration! 

All students with a degree conferral date of Sept 29, 2019 through Aug 31, 2020 will be listed as graduates whether participating in the virtual ceremony or not. 

Students who will meet the eligibility criteria between Sept 1 and Sept 26, 2020 who plan to participate in the ceremony and wish to have their name listed must RSVP no later than Aug 31, 2020.

Every student who will have met the eligibility criteria by Sept 26, 2020 is welcome to participate. However, those whose eligibility is confirmed between Sept 1 and Sept 26, 2020 may not be listed if they do not RSVP by the Aug 31, 2020 deadline. 

JULY 1, 2020 UPDATE: Please see "Ceremony Details" tab for information about how to sign up to participate in this year's virtual commencement.