Courier Program

Unbridled Spirit Award

The Courier Program Unbridled Spirit Award is given annually to a former Courier who has carried the torch of Mary Breckinridge beyond the mountains, perpetuating the mission and spirit of Frontier in their own lives. The criteria for this award include dedication to serving others; ongoing, longstanding stewardship of Frontier; and demonstration of personal conviction, courage, and a zest for adventure.  

The inaugural award was given to its first recipient concurrent to the release of our book about the history of the Courier Program: Unbridled Service: Growing Up and Giving Back as a Frontier Nursing Service Courier, 1928-2010.

Unbridled Service Award Recipients

2014 Kate Ireland
2015 Patricia Lawrence
2016 Marian Leibold
2017 Cherry Forbes Wunderlich
2018 Julie Breckenridge Davis
2019 Carlyle Carter
2020 Ellen Bayard
2021 Nancy Reinhart
2023 Rev. Wendy (Neel) Ellsworth
2024 Dr. Elia R. Cole


Please complete this form if you would like to nominate someone for the award. The award recipient will be chosen by a team of Frontier staff and former Couriers. Thank you for your interest!