Course Registration


New Students:  

New students attending Frontier Bound orientation will complete their registration during their Academic Advising session.


Current Students:

Registration for the following term will occur during weeks seven and eight of the current term. During the didactic phase of the program, all students are required to meet with your academic advisor to discuss the upcoming term and overall progress towards graduation. For MSN and Certificate students, you will meet with your RCF regularly each term while you are in the clincial phase of the program to monitor your progress and ensure that you register for the appropriate clinical courses. You can find more details on the Advising portal page.


All students will register themselves via Self-Service during the open registration windows. Specific registration dates can be located in the Academic Calendar. Students who do not register during weeks seven and eight will be subject to a $50 late registration fee.


Student Self-Service Training Videos:
Registration - Registering for Courses
Registration - My Schedule


Steps for Online Registration in Self-Service

  1. Go to the FNU Banyan Tree portal page and login with FNU credentials.
  2. Click on “Apps” and then "Self-Service" on the left bar navigation.
  3. Enter your Frontier username/password to login. 
  4. Click on "Registration" and then "Courses".  
  5. Enter a course code in “Search” and hit enter.
  6. Find the appropriate course/section and then click “Add."  (If the course is being offered via multiple sections, you only need to enroll in one of the available sections).
  7. Click "Register". (You should see a green message at the top of the screen that says “Congratulations! You have completed your Registration).

If you encounter any error messages during the registration process, please contact Technical Support.  If you encounter any issues and/or have concerns with the courses you should be registering for, please contact your academic advisor.


Current students who do not register for courses in the designated registration timeframe will be subject to a $50 late registration fee. Current students who fail to register by the end of the drop/add period or have not applied for an academic hiatus, will be withdrawn from FNU for non-continuous enrollment.

Course Registration

  • Course Add/Drop
    • Students may add or drop a course until Monday of week two of the term. After consulting with their academic advisor, a change in registration becomes effective when students complete the Add/Drop Form and submit it to the Registrar at The Add/Drop Form must be received no later than midnight of the deadline date. Specific add/drop dates can be found in the Academic Calendar. If a student drops all of their registered courses in a given term it is considered a withdrawal from FNU. 

      If the add/drop deadline has passed, students can still withdraw from the course. Course withdrawal has different academic and financial considerations than dropping a course. Details can be found elsewhere on this page. 

  • Course Withdrawal
    • Because course withdrawal can have serious academic and financial implications, the decision to withdraw from a course should be done in consultation with others. The first person a student should speak to is the course faculty. By talking with the Course Coordinator students can ensure they have a realistic understanding of their grade and the projected outcomes based on remaining assignments. Students should then speak with their Academic Advisor and Financial Aid Counselor to understand how a course withdrawal will impact progress to graduation and finances. Students should also consult the FNU Catalog to understand the full implications of course withdrawal. Students should complete all of theses steps before submitting a course withdrawal form.  

      To withdraw from an individual course students must complete a Course Withdrawal Form and submit it, as instructed, in advance of the published deadline (the 56th day of the term). Specific course withdrawal dates can be found in the Academic Calendar

      The Course Withdrawal Form must be received by the Registrar no later than midnight of the deadline date. If the form is not sumbmitted a student is NOT withdrawn from the course. It is not sufficient to simply notify the course faculty of your intent to withdraw.