What is Zoom?

Zoom is a Video Conferencing Solution you can for 1:1 Meetings, Team Meetings, Organizational Meetings, Conferences, and more! 

Access the FNU Zoom page using the following link (https://frontier.zoom.us/) or select Apps > Zoom from the FNU Banyan Tree Portal.

Getting started

First, you need to sign up for Zoom using your FNU account. Please follow the steps listed in the following document to sign up for and authenticate your Zoom account: Zoom Sign-Up Instructions

Next, you'll need to download the Zoom Client. From the Zoom Downloads page, click and install the Zoom Client for Meetings software.

To start scheduling meetings, view the FAQ below!

Zoom FAQ

  • How do I schedule a meeting? & Suggested Meeting Settings
    • The easiest way to schedule a Zoom meeting is with the Zoom Chrome Extension. The Zoom Extension allows you to easily create Zoom meetings on Google Calendar. Click here to download the Zoom Extension for Google Chrome.

      After adding the extension, you will need to sign in. Click the extension to sign in.

      After authenticating your Google account, you will want to update your default settings. Do so by clicking the Zoom Extension and then click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the box that appears.

      Suggested Settings

      The available options and the suggested settings are shown below.

      Meeting ID

      Personal Preference


      Enabled. Use Random password.


      Host ON

      Participant ON




      Required registration = OFF

      Enable join before host = Personal preference

      Mute participants upon entry = Personal preference

      Enable Waiting Room = Personal preference

      Only authenticated users can join = OFF

      Record the meeting automatically = Personal preference

      Include join URL in location field (Google Calendar event location field) = Personal preference

      Alternative hosts

      Learn more about assigning Alternative hosts, here.

      Allow me to specify meeting options each time = ON

      Click Save Changes.

      Scheduling a meeting

      Use one of the methods below to create Zoom meetings in Google Calendar.

      Method 1

      1. Click the Extension and select Schedule a Meeting. Google Calendar will open to a new event window, with scheduling options (shown below).
      2. Adjust the settings to fit your needs then click Continue to add the Zoom link to the event details.

      1. Add any guests and then Save the event. The event card will appear similar to the image below.


      Method 2

      1. Open Google Calendar and create a new event.
      2. Add your Title, Guests, and Description to the event.
      3. When you are ready to save the event, click Make it a Zoom Meeting

      1. After clicking Make it a Zoom Meeting, a Zoom link will automatically be added to the event and the event will save.
  • How do I host a meeting?
    • Please watch the following video to learn how to host a meeting in Zoom. (Click pop-out button to view in fullscreen)

  • How do I join a meeting?
    • Please watch the following video to learn how to join a Zoom meeting. (Click pop-out button to view in fullscreen)

  • How do I use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds?
    • The virtual background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting.

      1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client
      2. Click your profile picture then click Settings.
      3. Select Virtual Background.
      4. Check I have a green screen if you have a physical green screen set up. You can then click on your video to select the correct color for the green screen.
      5. Click on an image to select the desired virtual background or add your own image by clicking + and choosing if you want to upload an image or a video.
      6. If prompted, click Download to download the package for virtual background without a green screen.

Still Need Help?

If you want to find out more about Zoom features and how to use them, Zoom has great tutorial videos available via their Tutorials and Resources page. 

Click here to see Zoom Tutorials: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials

Click here to see Zoom Resources or submit a ticket with Zoom Support: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us