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Please join us for the Second Annual CHI Pi STTI Sunset Glow Walk and Talk for Charity!

Put on your walking shoes!  On October 19th, STTI's Chi PI chapter will be hosting their Second Annual Sunset Glow Walk and Talk for Charity! 

Enjoy a chat with friends, family, faculty and staff while supporting The Pantry at Big Creek Missions.  Last year, despite the rainy weather, we raised $900, plus over $100 worth of food. The Chi Pi chapter matched the monetary donation, for a final donation of $1800!  According to Mary Lewis, the director of The Pantry, this will buy at least 12 pallets of food, to be distributed among the 1000 families that The Pantry serves monthly. 

This feature event will occur at the Leslie County High School track at 8:30 pm on Thursday October 19th!  Feel free to wear and/or bring items that glow in the dark!  Some items will be provided. 

Walk a mile or more if you wish! 

The cost to join this fun, relaxing event will be only $10.00 (cash only, please) OR two non-perishable food items!  All monetary donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be provided upon request. 

Come join the fun! Support the local Leslie County community while you are in town for Faculty Meeting and 2017 graduation! Bring your friends and relatives! 

If you can't make it for the walk, the Chi PI Chapter of STTI will still accept any non-perishable food items or money that you wish to donate.  You may bring any donations to the STTI table at the graduation ceremony. All proceeds will go directly to support The Pantry at Big Creek Missions.  

Chi Pi Virtual Induction Ceremony:

Congratulations to all new Chi Pi members inducted on 8/28/17 at the 2017 Virtual Induction Ceremony. Please view the recorded ceremony at this link. 

The next induction ceremony will be held August 2018.

Chi Pi Mission/Vision

Frontier Nursing Honor Society

The mission of Chi Pi, and STTI, is to promote global health and wellness. The mission will be accomplished by supporting the efforts of STTI in promoting, advancing and recognizing nursing excellence through developing nursing scholarship, leadership and service. Chi Pi will achieve this vision as we:

  1. Recognize superior achievement.
  2. Recognize the development of leadership qualities.
  3. Foster high professional standards.
  4. Encourage creative work.
  5. Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.
  6. Provide opportunities for service to the community.

Membership Requirements

Graduate Students (Master's and Doctorate) must*:

  • have completed 1/4 of the nursing curriculum.
  • achieve academic excellence. (At schools where a 4.0 grade-point average system is used, this equates to a 3.5 or higher.)
  • meet the expectation of academic integrity.

*Students in graduate programs who are registered nurses, legally recognized to practice in their country and have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field, shall be eligible to be considered as a Nurse Leader at any point in the program.
Nurse Leader Candidates must:

  • be legally recognized to practice nursing in their country.
  • have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field.
  • demonstrate achievement in nursing.
  • Please contact our STTI Counselor, Dr. Denise Orrill if you feel that you qualify as a nurse leader. Send a brief email to denise.orrill@frontier.edu expressing your interest in being a member of STTI and include any supporting documents.


Leadership Team


Dr. Nancy Pesta Walsh,

Vice President:

Dr. Beki Asti



Dr. Dwynn Golden



Dr. Mary K. Jones,


Dr. Denise Orrill,

Governance Committee Chair:

Dr. Denise Orrill,


Leadership Succession Committee: Dr. Anna Louiso,
Finance Committee: Dr. Grace Ellen Urquhart,
Publicity Committee: Dr. Audra Malone,
Program Committee: Dr. Audra Malone,