Chi Pi Induction Ceremony Recording


Thank you for those who joined us for Chi Pi’s virtual induction ceremony on Monday, August 26th.  If you were unable to attend the ceremony, you can view the recording here. 

Congratulations to our newest Chi Pi members!


Chi Pi election results

The election results for Chi Pi Chapter leaders are in! Congratulations to the following Chi Pi Members who will also serve on the Leadership Board from 9/1/2019-8/31/2021.


President--Beki Asti

Vice President--Penny Wortman

Treasurer--Mary Jones

Leadership Succession Chair--Anna Louiso

Leadership Succession Committee  Member--Ellen Urquhart

Leadership Succession Committee Member--Nancy Pesta Walsh

Counselor--Denise Orrill

Governance Chair--Audra Cave

Governance Committee Member--Amanda Dyer Moss

Governance Committee Member--Azra Alomerovic 


Rising Stars Presentation


As a chapter, we supported Chi Pi member Tarnia Newton to present her poster titled Patient-Centered Standardization of Diabetes Care in a Nurse-Practitioner Led-Clinic at the Creating Healthy Work Environments in New Orleans, LA. She encourages other Chi Pi members to join her at the upcoming 45th Biennial Convention in Washington D.C. this November where she will have a podium presentation titled IHI Open School: A Catalyst for Change for Improving Diabetes Outcomes in an NP clinic. Congratulations, Tarnia!




Our next membership drive will begin Summer of 2020. Please contact with any questions about Chi Pi membership.

The following criteria must have been met at the time we review records (end of June 2019). 

  • have completed 1/4 of the nursing curriculum.
  • achieve academic excellence.
    • For universities/institutions of higher education that use a 4.0 grade point average system to measure academic achievement, graduate students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5. GPAs should be computed according to the policies of the university. 
  • meet the expectation of academic integrity.


Membership questions

  • If you are currently an STTI member of another chapter, you can transfer your membership to Chi Pi or acquire dual membership. In order to do this, please call STTI Member Services.
  • If you were previously a member of STTI but in another chapter, please call STTI member services at 888-634-7575 to re-activate your membership.  




Chi Pi Mission/Vision

Frontier Nursing Honor Society

The mission of Chi Pi, and STTI, is to promote global health and wellness. The mission will be accomplished by supporting the efforts of STTI in promoting, advancing and recognizing nursing excellence through developing nursing scholarship, leadership and service. Chi Pi will achieve this vision as we:

  1. Recognize superior achievement.
  2. Recognize the development of leadership qualities.
  3. Foster high professional standards.
  4. Encourage creative work.
  5. Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.
  6. Provide opportunities for service to the community.

Membership Requirements

Graduate Students (Master's and Doctorate) must*:

  • have completed 1/4 of the nursing curriculum.
  • achieve academic excellence. (At schools where a 4.0 grade-point average system is used, this equates to a 3.5 or higher.)
  • meet the expectation of academic integrity.

*Students in graduate programs who are registered nurses, legally recognized to practice in their country and have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field, shall be eligible to be considered as a Nurse Leader at any point in the program.
Nurse Leader Candidates must:

  • be legally recognized to practice nursing in their country.
  • have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field.
  • demonstrate achievement in nursing.
  • Please contact our STTI Counselor, Dr. Denise Orrill if you feel that you qualify as a nurse leader. Send a brief email to expressing your interest in being a member of STTI and include any supporting documents.

Chi Pi Chapter Leaders


Dr. Beki Asti, DNP, FNP

Vice President:

Dr. Penny Wortman, DNP, CNM


Dr. Dwynn Golden, DNP, CNM


Dr. Mary Jones, DNP, CNM, FNP, ENP


Dr. Denise Orrill, DNP, FNP

Governance Committee Chair:

Dr. Audra Cave, DNP, FNP

Governance Committee Chair:

Amanda Dyer Moss, BSN, RN

Governance Committee Chair: Dr. Azra Alomerovic, DNP, FNP
Leadership Succession Committee Chair: Dr. Anna Louiso, DNP, FNP
Leadership Succession Committee Member: Dr. Nancy Pesta Walsh,
Leadership Succession Committee Member: Dr. Grace Ellen Urquhart,