Diversity impact meetings 

FNU's Diversity Impact meetings open the door to our students to become global thinkers and healthcare leaders within their communities. The D.I.P meetings include discussions on cultural awareness and inclusion to enhance student's experience to better serve diverse populations with confidence and ease. In efforts to expand awareness on diversity issues FNU maintains an open, safe and inclusive environment for all students. 

The monthly meetings offer a unique aspect of shared perspectives that promote cross-cultural learning among students and their peers, along with the overall pursuit of academic success as a student-learner.  D.I.P meetings are held once a quarter, except during Academic Breaks and/or Holidays.


Past D.I.P Meetings

Men in Nursing: Rethinking Gender Stereotypes

Reducing Stress & Infant Mortality in African American Women

Get Involved! Jump-Start Your New Year!

Mission Trips: Personal Impact

Demographic Changes: Preparation of Healthcare Providers

Political Impact on Health Equity, Race & Midwifery Access

MutilCultural Midwifery

Jump-Start Your New Year (Get Active!)

Cross-Cultural Safety for Nurses in the Workplace

Nurse Dress Codes: Why Do They Make Me Do That?

Unconscious Bias: Can Health Care Be Cured of Racial Bias  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(by NPR News)

No Safety, No Health (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Part II. by APHA)

The Impact of Racism on Health & Wellness (Part I. by APHA)

Cultural Communication Skills

Careers in Nursing

Historical Health Disparities

Religious Diversity & Healthcare

Customer Service: When Patients Speak their Minds

Political Healthcare

Health ill-literary: Cultural Language Barriers

LGBT: The Impact of Social Healthcare Stereotypes

Medical Survival Techniques of Ancient Cultures

Effects of Segregation on Healthcare

Race Matters: An Honest Conversation