diversity impact event

The annual Diversity Impact Student Conference is hosted by the FNU Diversity PRIDE Student Organization and is open to all nursing and healthcare professionals who want to become part of FNU's legacy of providing care to rural and underserved communities. FNU's Diversity Impact 2018 conference opens the door for nurse-practitioners and midwifery students to foster collaborative discussions, address health disparities, and find proactive solutions to improve minority health among underrepresented and marginalized groups.  Students will engage in cross-cultural activities and intercultural workshops, along with nurse-leadership strategies on how to effectively care for diverse populations within their communities






uring this weekend workshop, students will:

  • Attend sessions hosted by nationally recognized nursing leaders and field experts
  • Participate in inclusive teambuilding exercises, and cultural awareness sessions 
  • Network with FNU students, faculty, and staff to strengthen collaborative discussions
  • Engage in nurse-leadership strategies and cross-cultural activities and much more!




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“Something I'm taking away from Diversity Impact is that...I'm learning from nurses across the country who have seen different forms of diversity represented in their hospitals, and they are addressing the various needs that are peculiar to specific groups of people.”
- Jonathan Allotey
FNU Courier Intern