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Shirley Bush, CNM,MSN

  • Nurse-Midwife
  • Instructor
  • Regional Clinical Faculty
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My history revolves around many years of clinical practice. As a labor delivery nurse manager I instituted Family Centered Care in a pure medical model facility and was able to develop the first Birthing Room in New York State outside the metro area. I am an FSMFM graduate and practiced actively for 15 years in an underserved population. As lifestyles of the pregnant patient changed, I sought skills as substance abuse and alcohol abuse, a much overlooked component of lifestyles today. My journey has always been with FNU, from a student of class 4, to an associate faculty in the late 90s assisting with Clinical Bounds and now as an RCF. I truly am an FNU midwife and my mission today is to help others achieve this rewarding career choice..