Frontier Nursing University (FNU) Professional Organizational Mentoring Program (POMP)

Purpose: To offer underrepresented nurse-midwifery students and Nurse Practitioner students the opportunity to be mentored by faculty members at designated conferences including the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) annual meeting.  To expand students' learning, educational and professional experiences. 

Goal:  The FNU Professional Organizational Mentoring Program (POMP) matches FNU faculty (mentors) with underrepresented midwifery and nurse practitioner students to provide support and mentorship. To provide membership to professional organizations for faculty and students.

The FNU POMP program is open to any faculty wishing to serve as a mentor for students in the midwifery and nurse practitioner tracks. One FNU faculty will be selected for each designed conference through a selection process. The program allows faculty mentors to join a professional organization in their field, as well as gives them the opportunity to attend a professional conference. Conference registration and professional membership fees are covered for all faculty mentors and student mentees selected.

Mentoring Definition:  A voluntary, mutually beneficial relationship where an experienced and knowledgeable leader (FNU faculty) supports the leadership potential of FNU students. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Must be a full-time faculty member at FNU
Must be willing to mentor students before during and after one of the designated conferences
Must complete a POMP application
Must be willing to complete a program evaluation


Must be an enrolled full-time student in any of the specialties at FNU 
Must identify as a member of an underrepresented group
Must complete a POMP application
Must be willing to complete a program evaluation

Selection Process:

Call for application will be conducted annually. If faculty mentors and mentees are not selected for each of the designed conferences, a call for application will be open to correspond to a designated conference date. This would give the Office of DEI enough time to identify mentors and mentees.
The CDIO, the DEI Coordinator, the co-chairs of the D & I committee will review the applications and select the mentor and mentee.  Mentors and mentees will be notified via email by the DEI Coordinator.

The Mentoring Process

Before the conference:
Faculty mentors must arrange an initial meeting with the designated mentee to establish the goals and objectives of the mentor-mentee relationship.  Faculty mentors must review the conference brochure with the mentee prior to the conference.  The faculty mentor must make arrangements to meet with the mentee during the conference.

During the conference:
Mentor and mentee must meet at least once per day during the conference mentor and mentee must attend one session together at the conference.  Networking opportunities should take place during the conference.


After the conference:
The faculty mentor must arrange a debriefing session at least two weeks after the conference to determine if goals and objectives were met, and write a collaborative summary report (less than one page) to be submitted with POMP evaluation.
An ongoing mentor-mentee relationship is encouraged.


Any FNU faculty interested in becoming a mentor in the FNU POMP program, please complete a program application at

Any underrepresented nurse-midwifery and nurse practitioner students interested in becoming a mentee in the FNU POMP program, please complete a program application at

The deadline to apply to become a faculty mentor or a student mentee is April 18, 2022.

Student Testimonial 

"The opportunity to attend the APNA national conference with an FNU mentor was invaluable to me. During the conference, knowing that I was not attending alone provided me with a needed level of confidence to participate as a student. This was especially beneficial when it came to attending the state chapter session. Because of my mentor's insight into the value of these meetings, I was able to connect with my state-level leadership and other student members seeking support as soon-to-be new providers. I thank the Office of DEI for selecting me for this opportunity and for allowing me the chance to get to know my mentor and other PMH professionals better."