Financial Aid Office Announcements

  • RESIDUAL FUNDS – Loan funds will be requested from the Department of Education during week three. Students can expect to receive residuals, processed via direct deposit, by week five of the term. Please be aware, there is a possibility funds may be delayed in the event required paperwork was not on file by the requested deadline. NOTE: Residual funds delivered via direct deposit are generally received by the student 10-14 business days sooner than residuals delivered by check.
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT – You can access the direct deposit form here. The completed form and a voided check should be sent to Robin Smith in the FNU Accounting Office at You can also fax the form to 859-899-2864.
  • SELF-SERVICE - Self-service and financial aid systems are not linked. Therefore, self-service will reflect $0 anticipated financial aid. This does not affect your financial aid disbursement timeline. If you have secured financial aid for the term, you are NOT required to make a payment while waiting for financial aid to post.
  • STATEMENTS – You will be notified before each term when statements have been published. These account statements are used only to show charges that have been applied to your account; pending financial aid will not be reflected. Please remember, if you have already secured financial aid for the term, you are NOT required to make a payment while waiting for financial aid to post.
  • PAYMENT – If you are utilizing financial aid or veteran's benefits to pay tuition and fees and all required paperwork is on file, you are NOT required to make a payment while waiting for financial aid to post.
  • VA (Veterans) – All VA certifications will be completed by the end of week three. You are NOT required to make a payment while waiting for VA benefits to post.
  • NFLP – DNP students who utilize the NFLP loan will have funds applied to their accounts by the end of week three. Reimbursements, if applicable, will be processed by week five of the term. Receipts for required text books must be submitted by week two of the term. Please forward book receipts to You are NOT required to make a payment while waiting for NFLP funds to post.
  • FULL-TIME & PART-TIME DEFINITION - Effective Summer 2016 term for all students first enrolled starting with the Winter 2014 term. A student enrolled in five (5) or more credits will be considered full-time. A student enrolled in four (4) or less credits will be considered part-time. A student’s status may change from full-time to part-time status within a given term due to course withdrawals.
  • DEFERMENTS – The Financial Aid Office will update your enrollment status with NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System) within 30 days of the beginning of the term. This should automatically place you in an in-school deferment status on all federal student loans. However, it is strongly encouraged that you contact your lender/servicer every 30 days to verify your status and ensure you remain in good standing. If you have been contacted by your lender to begin repayment while you are still enrolled at FNU, please request an in-school deferment form from them and send it to Amanda Jones (; fax 859-899-2855) after you have completed your section of the form.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your financial aid, please contact your Financial Aid Officer. The alphabet breakdown is as follows. You must contact your specific Financial Aid Officer with any questions.

Student's Last Name Beginning With Financial Aid Officer Phone Numbers Email
A - G Kaleena Burnett (859)899-2517
H - M Andrew Dezarn (859)899-2524
N - Z Chris Hendrix (859)899-2561
VA & NFLP Loan Questions Rainie Boggs (859)899-2516