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Back Certified Midwife, Eugene-Springfield, OR

Job Posting: Full-Time Certified Nurse Midwife
Oregon Birth and Wellness (OBWC) is hiring for a full-time Nurse Midwife. Are you a compassionate and
skilled healthcare professional with a passion for women’s health and childbirth? We are seeking a
dedicated Certified Nurse Midwife to join our busy clinic.
At OBWC, our services include pregnancy, birth, postpartum, ultrasound, newborn care,
fertility, contraception, primary care, and gynecology. Our goal is to be a well rounded
clinic to support our community with a neutral, safe space.
OBWC is located in the Eugene-Springfield area of Oregon. Eugene and Springfield is a
family friendly area with great eateries, shopping, beautiful public parks, hiking trails,
etc. We are a short drive to the mountains, ocean, rivers, and lakes.
Midwife Responsibilities:
Prenatal Care:
Conduct in-depth initial assessments, including gathering detailed medical histories, family histories, and
lifestyle information.
Perform thorough physical examinations, including pelvic exams, and order and interpret diagnostic
tests, such as ultrasounds, genetic screenings, and blood work.
Develop individualized prenatal care plans, including recommendations for nutrition, exercise, and
prenatal vitamins.
Continuously monitor and assess the progress of pregnancy, closely tracking fetal development and
maternal health, promptly addressing any complications or concerns.
Labor and Delivery:
Provide emotional support and counseling to expectant mothers and their families throughout labor and
Monitor fetal and maternal well-being throughout labor, making real-time decisions about care and
Guide and assist with birthing techniques, including breathing exercises, position changes, and
relaxation methods.
Postpartum Care:
Conduct thorough postpartum assessments for both the mother and newborn, addressing physical and
emotional well-being.
Offer comprehensive postpartum care, including breastfeeding support, contraception counseling, post-
birth recovery guidance, and mental health assessments.
Assist with newborn care and address any concerns or challenges related to infant health and
Gynecological Care:
Perform routine gynecological examinations, including pelvic exams, Pap smears, breast exams, and STD
Diagnose and treat a wide range of gynecological conditions, including infections, menstrual disorders,
and reproductive health issues.

Prescribe and manage medications and contraceptive methods, tailoring recommendations to each
patient's unique needs.
Collaboration and Consultation:
Collaborate closely with obstetricians, pediatricians, and other healthcare professionals to ensure
seamless and coordinated care for patients, especially in cases of high-risk pregnancies or complications.
Patient Education and Counseling:
Educate patients about family planning options, contraceptive methods, and sexual health.
Provide guidance on childbirth preparation classes, newborn care, and parenting resources.
Promote overall women's health through education and preventive care, including the importance of
regular screenings and vaccinations.
Record Keeping and Documentation:
Maintain meticulous and up-to-date patient records, documenting all medical histories, assessments,
treatments, and care plans in compliance with legal and regulatory standards.
- Master's or Doctoral degree in Nursing with a specialization in Nurse-Midwifery.
- Valid state nursing license and certification as a Nurse Midwife.
- Current CPR certification and advanced life support training. NRP
- Proficiency in clinical skills related to obstetrics, gynecology, and primary care.
- Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, along with empathy, compassion, and cultural
- In-depth knowledge of current medical guidelines, evidence-based practices, and best practices in
- Strong attention to detail, critical thinking abilities, and adaptability in a dynamic healthcare
- Dedication to patient-centered care and advocacy for women's health, respecting individual choices
and preferences.
Working Conditions:
- 10-12 Primary call shifts per month and 4-6 back up call. C call is off every third week. 3 clinical days
per week with administrative time.
- Irregular hours, including nights and weekends, may be required to accommodate childbirth needs.
- Extensive time may be spent standing and walking during labor and delivery
Fellowship starting salary at 75,000/per year. Fellowship 6-12 months. After successful completion of
fellowship salary 80,000 with annual increases. 
Experienced CNM with 2+ years experience starting pay 85,000 with annual increases. 
Medical, dental vision benefits
4 weeks PTO 
Education stipend $500 per year
License reimbursement included for DEA, State License, and Certifications after 1 year of employment 

Relocation bonus of $3000 for the right candidate. 
To apply send a resume to