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We know that no stipend could ever fully repay you for the gift of your time and talent as a clinical preceptor and we express our sincere gratitude for your investment in our students. By precepting you are giving back to the profession in such a meaningful way, thank you!

We have been honored as our preceptors not only have given the gift of your valuable time in the clinical setting, but many of our preceptors have also chosen to fund student scholarships. Thanks to the collective donations made from preceptors, Frontier Nursing University established the endowed Preceptor Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund was created and is sustained by donations from our very own preceptors. We are honored to report that this fund has grown to nearly $140,000 and benefits many deserving students who struggle financially while in the program.

Below you will have the option to donate all or a portion of your honorarium to FNU. If you choose to donate your honorarium back to FNU, please know that you are once again giving back to the profession. We appreciate your sacrifice and service as a preceptor as we grow the nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives of the future. Together, we are improving health care, and access to health care, one graduate at a time.

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 Donation - Frontier Nursing University Capital Campaign
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