null Welcome to Week 11 of Summer Term

Welcome to Week 11 of Summer Term

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Dear Frontier Community,

As we continue to witness the devastation caused by adverse weather events, fires and the Covid-19 virus, our thoughts are with all those impacted by these events. We urge everyone to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families. We are thinking particularly of the members of the FNU community -- our students, alumni, faculty, staff, volunteers, and supporters -- who are directly affected by these disasters. We also remind all students of the Student Emergency Fund, which provides grants to students who have unexpected financial situations that threaten their ability to continue their studies due to personal misfortunes or natural disasters. Our thoughts are with each and everyone affected by this hurricane. Feel free to reach out to your Student Advisor or your Department Chair if we can be of assistance. Please do your best to stay safe and know that we are here to help. 


Dr. Stone




Coronavirus Preparedness and Updates

Frontier Nursing University is committed to keeping everyone in our community informed regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), both in terms of how to help prevent the spread of the virus and what actions FNU is taking. On this website, we will share updates and information pertinent to the entire FNU community. We are committed to the health and safety of the FNU community and are working in alignment with local, state, and national agencies and government to actively and responsibly respond to this public health threat.

FNU remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to accept applications to our distance education programs. please access the Application Deadline page for the next application deadline.

Frontier would like to congratulate our Spring 2021 DNP Graduates!
Spring 2021 DNP Graduates:

• Andrea Allen • Laura Anderson
• Joshua Barnes • Haley Beeson
• Kristie Blake • Valerie Brown
• Jennifer Burgos • Christine Carriere
• Denise Castellanos • Kahlima Collins
• Jessica Dacic • Allison Ensign
• Scott Erickson • Heather Friend
• Jennifer Grisham • Ronald Hale
• Belinda Hodder • Bonnie Hudsone
• Stacy Ingle • Julie Knutson
• Kathryne McCracken • Joseph McFadden
• Amy Miller • Virginia Monteiro Walker
• Abimbola Olanrewaju • Diane Ortega
• Tina Paulk • Andrea Penny
• Rebecca Prediletto • Anastasia Ralston
• Debra Rhizal • Santhia Rose
• Paige Rowland • Michael Seitz
• Kaelyn Sexton • Anna Taylor
• Autumn Versace • Michelle Wathier
• Takisha Williams • Jodi Wojcik
• Alexis Wright