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Congratulations to FNU students, faculty, and staff of Frontier Nursing University for the 2016 midwifery board score results from the American Midwifery Certification Board.

We are pleased to announce the following pass rates:
Frontier Nursing University graduates comprised 33.7 % of all the test takers. Of the examination candidates that tested for the first time, FNU grads made up 34.6%. The national pass rate for all test takers for 2017 was 90.2% and FNU's overall pass rate was 94%. The national pass rate for first-time test takers was 92% and FNU's pass rate was 95%. Please note that because of the large percentage of FNU test takers, this means that the high pass rate of our graduates consistently drives the national pass rate up.

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Frontier Nursing University would like to congratulate the Spring 2019 Class of Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Graduates! We are very proud of all of your hard work and look forward to your continued leadership and quality improvement in health care! Spring 2019 DNP Graduates:

• Lauren Albu • Diana Ancona
• Jennifer Booth • Sarah Bradbury
• Tia Brutscher • Renee Buchta
• Sherese Bunkley • Jennifer Carter
• Callie Crouch • Elizabeth Devereux
• S. Dowdle • Janika Emmanuel
• Virginia Geddes • Cheryl Gould
• Stephanie Gramann • Whitney Graves
• Wendy Harrod • Gabrielle Heaton
• Cassaidy Hendrickson • Faith Holt
• Chandra Irvin • Nisha Keeler
• Shaun Kueter • Ashley Kwasinski
• Stevie Lass • Jenkins Lawhorn
• Mandi Lew • Gena Lyell
• Dawn Maberry • Janice Macopson
• Natalie Metz • Lee Ann Mitchell
• Christine Moreau • Tina Morris
• Bethany Odero • Julie Percefull
• Rachel Powell • Catherine Ruhl
• Rebecca Russell • Stefanie Schwarz
• Jennifer Short • Jarod Smith
• Tracy Smith • Daniel Stec
• Kelli Stephenson • Amanda Strickland
• Michelle Stucky • Miriam Sward
• Pamela Swope • Jean Tessneer
• Kelly Valceanu • Maud van de Wiele
• Sarah Velasco • Nicole Wilson
• Heather Yanchula • Emily Zolten