Dear Faculty, Students, and Alumni,

You are invited to the Summer 2019 FNU IHI Open School Chapter webinar to 
be held July 23 at 8 pm.

We are proud to welcome co-presenters Caitlin Krause, MPH, and Holly 
Valentine, MPH, who will share their story of maternal health care quality 
improvement at the El Rio Community Health Centers in Tucson, Arizona.

Join us for an inspiring and challenging presentation!

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To participate, follow these instructions on the day of the event:

1. Join us in Big Blue Button

2. Enter your full name

3. Select classroom as "IHI”

4. Enter password: IHI2019


What is IHI? IHI is an organization dedicated to quality improvement, 
health-care leadership, decreasing healthcare cost, and population health. 
Founded officially in 1991, the organization is recognized globally for 
these efforts.

What is Open School? Open School is a global community of like-minded 
individuals with courses, networks and training. What is the Frontier 
Chapter? Our chapter is a FREE club for the Frontier Community to support 
each other with activities to address population health, healthcare cost 
and leadership. We will hold activities throughout the year to come 
together; then carry our knowledge back to our home communities.

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