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Tera Lisicky, M.Ed. Cross-Cultural Teaching

  • Instructional Designer
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I suffered a C2 fracture on both sides when hit by a car as a pedestrian when I was 14 years old. At that time, they did not have virtual high schools so I found online college courses. The faculty played a huge role in showing me that I can overcome adversity and not only graduate high school early after missing a whole semester but continue on to graduate college at the age of 19, receive my master's at the age of 20 and dedicate my life to making online learning immersive, fun, and successful to inspire students to believe in their dreams and provide them the tools to make it a reality! I have served as a virtual K-12 teacher, online professor, and instructional designer over the past 14+ years. When I am not doing instructional design, I enjoy baking with my two sons and co-hosting a podcast, Bringin' it Backwards, with my husband as we interview musicians and help inspire aspiring artists.