Course Transfers

FNU students are eligible to transfer 12 credits into their program of study if the credits were taken at an institution of higher learning that is regionally accredited. Courses will be eligible for consideration of transfer credit if the student has completed a course with a B or better with equivalent content in a prior academic graduate program. Coursework completed on a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis will not be considered for transfer. Graduate level courses applied to undergraduate degrees are not eligible for transfer. Variables that influence course transfer include the age of the course and the student’s certification and clinical practice experience. To be considered for transfer, courses must be less than 5 years old OR part of a previously completed graduate degree. Only didactic MSN, PGC, and DNP courses may be transferred. Clinical, Bridge Year, and DNP project courses may not be transferred. Grades from transferred courses do not factor into the FNU GPA. The course transfer fee for review of materials is assessed whether or not a course is accepted for transfer credits. Transfer credits are to be calculated in determining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Courses that are eligible for consideration of transfer credit for the MSN, PGC, and DNP include:

  • PC700 Communication and Introduction to Scholarly Writing
  • PC701 Principles of Health Promotion
  • PC702 Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • PC705 Advanced Pathophysiology
  • PC706 Advanced Physical Assessment
  • PC707 Advanced Pharmacology Across the Lifespan
  • PC711 Nurse as Educator
  • PC718 Evidence Based Practice
  • N704 Leadership and Organization Theory
  • N705 Ethics and Health Care Policy
  • N706 Evidence Based Practice and Information Technology
  • NM700 Role of the Nurse-Midwife
  • NM703 Primary Care of Women
  • NM701 Women's Health
  • NP700 Role of the Nurse Practitioner
  • NP703 Women’s Health and Childbearing
  • NP704 Primary Care Pediatrics

NOTE that graduate level Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Physical Assessment are requirements for PGC students and do not count toward the 12 credit hour limit for transfer credit.

Clinical, Bridge Year, and DNP project courses are not eligible for transfer.


  1. The student reviews the FNU Course Descriptions, found in this FNU Catalog.
  2. The student notes any course(s) that are similar in content and credits to graduate level courses previously completed in a graduate level program with a grade of B or higher.
  3. For each course that is to be reviewed for transfer, the student submits a completed Course Transfer From, Official Transcript (if not already submitted at the point of Admission to FNU), Course Description and Course Syllabus for the course being considered.
  4. The student remits the transfer review fee.
  5. The Associate Dean or Program Director reviews the submitted materials and confers with the student if needed. The Associate Dean or Program Director will notify the student, Registrar and the appropriate Advisor of the decision.