FNU Clinical Program Director Dr. Jane Houston Visits Students in Guam

Dr. Jane Houston and Adrian Medina with Nursing Professor Guam Uni.

Clinical Program Director Jane Houston, DNP, CNM recently traveled to Guam to complete a mid-clinical site visit for FNU student Adrian Medina. After 24 hours of traveling, Jane spent a rewarding five days following and observing Adrian as he delivered nurse-midwifery care to patients. Mid-clinical site visits are a requirement at FNU - regardless of where the student is located - to maximize the student’s learning experience.


“Our distance education model allows us to reach communities and educate nurses around the world,” said Jane. “Students can live anywhere and succeed at FNU.”


Adrian, now a graduate, came to FNU as a labor and delivery nurse. He first became interested in nurse-midwifery as a nursing student caring for women in labor during his hospital rotations. When he decided to pursue a specialty degree in nurse-midwifery, Adrian wanted to attend a top-ranked university that allowed him to study in his home community. FNU was a perfect fit, and he was fascinated by the school’s rich history.


“When I learned more about the school, I quite enjoyed that FNU is deeply community focused, which is an area of midwifery that I am passionate about and an area that I focused on during my clinical clerkship,” said Adrian.

 Adrian Medina pictured with FNU alum Teresa Anderson and birth center nurses.

Adrian was fortunate to have several preceptors and mentors, including an FNU nurse-midwifery graduate and a naval midwife who was the third trained male nurse-midwife in England, James (Jim) Finch. His clinical study included training at both Guam Memorial Hospital and Northern Regional Community Health Center. Guam has a large migrant minority population, and Adrian had always wanted to work there.


During Jane’s time in Guam, she attended a Case Reflection presented by Adrian to a group of 20 people discussing the Kidd Blood Group and how it can cause problems to a fetus. She also had an opportunity to share information on FNU and the school’s mission with those who attended.


Jane toured hospitals, a birthing center and a public health center as well. One of her favorite parts of the trip was getting to know local nurse-midwives, doctors and other medical workers. According to Jane, women in Guam have several choices in health care providers. She also had a chance to visit another FNU student, Jin Cody, who is originally from Saipan.


Jane’s international travel isn’t over, yet. She’ll be visiting two FNU students in Asia soon! The FNU community reaches across the globe thanks to our amazing student, faculty, preceptor and alumni networks.