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Frontier Nursing University began with the passion of one woman to dedicate her life to the care of women and children. That same devoted character and passion for delivering quality health care to underserved and rural populations still resides in the hearts and minds of our FNU family today. Here, our students, alumni, faculty, staff, Couriers and preceptors share their stories and experiences. As they focus on Frontier's mission, their impact can be felt across the world.   Please share your story with us today!

Courier Spotlight: Carolyn Gregory

While she was growing up, Carolyn Gregory’s parents always encouraged her to seek new and meaningful experiences, which led her to Frontier Nursing Service (FNS) in 1947. Carolyn enjoyed her time as a Courier so much that she decided to remain at Frontier as the FNS Christmas Secretary and as an assistant to Agnes Lewis and Betty Lester in 1948.   “I truly enjoyed the spirit of...
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Student Spotlight: Gabrielle Sauder MSN, BSN, PNP-BC

When Frontier Nursing University (FNU) Post-Master’s DNP student Gabrielle Sauder heard of a job opening for the Pediatric Care-A-Van, a program at Norwegian American Hospital in Chicago, Ill., she knew she had to check it out. With a focus on health prevention, the Pediatric Care-A-Van is just what it sounds like - healthcare on wheels, provided for children in the community who have a...
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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ruth Elsasser, DNP, ARNP-C

The community at Frontier Nursing University (FNU) believes it is our responsibility to serve the underserved in ways that change the lives and improve the overall health of community members. Frontier course faculty member Ruth Elsasser is at the heart of this movement, hosting impactful presentations to locals that invite them to consider how diet and lifestyle choices affect their health...
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Featured Preceptor: Kathryn Carr, CNM

Frontier Nursing University (FNU) preceptor Kathryn Carr, CNM, from St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, Mass., was honored as FNU’s “Featured Preceptor” for the summer term. Kathryn was nominated by Clinical Director, Dr. Jane Houston.   With over a decade of experience, Kathryn consistently takes several students each term in her Boston midwifery practice and...
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Alumni Spotlight: JoAnne Burris, CNM, MSN

FNU Alumnus, CNEP Class 130   From birthing her child with the help of a midwife to becoming a Certified Nurse-Midwife herself, Alumna JoAnne Burris, CNM, is the picture of how Frontier Nursing University (FNU) provides its students with an education to match their passion.   In her journey from patient to provider, JoAnne now seeks to provide women with holistic care...
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