Safety & Security

2023 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Frontier Nursing University submits Campus safety and security information annually to the US Department of Education. Results can be viewed on their website here.

To report an emergency CALL 911 before reporting it to FNU campus Security, be sure to provide important details to both 911 and FNU security (Type of emergency and the location where first responders need to go)

Emergency Guideavailable in print form in various locations on Campus.


Stay up to date with local alerts that affect the FNU community and your home town. Smart911 can keep you informed of weather, traffic, and other emergencies by sending emergency alerts from the National Weather Service and local public safety agencies. You can select the types of notifications you want and how you want to be notified. Signing up for alerts is easy and free, click the links below to be in the know! 

Woodford Alerts Community Notification System

    WoodfordAlerts.png       Google Play Storeon the Apple App Store


Emergency and FNU key contacts phone numbers

  • Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911 (When using RingCentral phone system, Frontier will set the location to be 2050 Lexington Rd, Versailles KY.  If you need to call in an emergency and you are not on campus, please use a cell phone ensuring that you are not using the RingCentral Mobile phone app or another phone to dial 911.  RingCentral will dial the 911 operator in Versailles and will see 2050 Lexington Rd as the originating location)

  • Versailles Fire Department: (859) 873-5829

  • Versailles Police Department: (859) 873-3126

  • Woodford County Sheriff: (859) 873-3119

  • Security officer on duty (24/7): (859) 552-2170

  • Frontier Nursing University Facilities and Security Manager: (859) 251-2036

  • Director of Campus Operations (502) 851-4570

  • Click here for local healthcare and pharmacy locations and phone numbers


FNU Emergency Management Notifications

Frontier Nursing University has a multimodal emergency notification system to inform our community about incidents and emergencies affecting campus. Realizing that message redundancy is a necessity, Frontier Nursing University has several notification systems available for those who are on Campus. Any one, or a combination, of the alert methods listed below may be used depending on the nature and severity of the event. New technologies and other Emergency Notification Systems are periodically explored and evaluated. This section is subject to change as technology changes.

The primary message creator and/or sender is the Facilities and Security Manager or designee. Each position has the authority to create and/or send Emergency Notifications and/or Timely Warnings.

Click here for more information about FNU Emergency Notifications


Safety and Security Program

Frontier Nursing University offers a comprehensive safety and security program including year-round 24 hour security presence , video surveillance throughout our campus, a card key door control access system for all student buildings and monitored fire alarm protection devices in most campus buildings. The FNU Safety & Security team enjoys having a great relationship with the Versailles Police (VPD) and Woodford County Fire & Rescue Department. And remember that you are a Critical Component of FNU’s Campus Safety and Security plan.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with other campus emergency preparedness information.