Staff Spotlight: Chasity Collett

At the heart of Frontier Nursing University is a talented and diverse community of students, alumni, faculty, staff, Couriers and preceptors. Spotlight blogs feature members of our FNU community that are focused on the mission of educating nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners to deliver quality health care to underserved and rural populations.


For some of the staff at Frontier Nursing University (FNU), the connection to Frontier  has been a part of their lives for many years. For Chasity Collett, it’s been since birth.


“I was born an FNS baby at Mary Breckinridge Hospital, and I love continuing to help the mission,” said Chasity.


For the past seven years, Chasity has served Frontier in the admissions department. She now works as a senior admissions officer, helping new and prospective students work through their admission files. According to Chasity, it’s a great place for her to both meet prospective students and process their files so they can join the FNU community. For Chasity, the community has been the best part about working at FNU.


“My favorite part of being a staff member is the relationships I have developed since working here,” Chasity said. “When you join Frontier you become family and over the past couple of years that has meant a lot to me.”


Chasity enjoys spending time with her husband, Kyle, as well as their three children, son, Isaiah, and daughters, Kyla and Natalya. She also coaches cheerleading for second to eighth graders at her daughter’s school.


Thanks, Chasity, for serving the Frontier community!