Help Kitty’s Birthday Wish Come True

We are so excited that our very own Kitty Ernst, FNU Mary Breckinridge Chair, is turning 90 this month! Kitty is a renowned pioneer in the field of nurse-midwifery and has spent more than 60 years leading change and advancing pregnancy and birth care. You can join us in celebrating by helping her birthday wish come true and donating to the FNU scholarship fund in her honor. The endowed student scholarship fund helps aspiring students to continue their education dreams to become a nurse-midwife or nurse-practitioner. We have a goal to raise $10,000 and your donation of $20 or more can help make a huge difference in the life of a student!


Samantha Roberts, ADN-MSN Class 129, received the Marguerite B. Howard Scholarship in 2015. She explains how scholarships can be the support students need in order to continue their education and pursue their dreams.


“This scholarship was a blessing in so many ways.  It honestly gave me that little ounce of hope I needed to find the strength to pick myself up and continue with my education. This scholarship not only has made a world of difference in my life it also came at a time when I needed it the most.”  


This year, Frontier will award over $160,000 to nearly 40 students through our endowed scholarship funds.  This represents just 2% of our current student body!  Make a donation today and make a difference in a student’s life and education!  You can include a personal birthday message to send to Kitty and she will read each and every one.

To see a full listing of the scholarships FNU offers our students go here.


Here’s a special message from Kitty. Please listen and share with others who care about the important mission of our university.

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Happy birthday, Kitty!