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Frontier Nursing University (FNU) strives to provide the best in community-based distance education. With students, faculty, preceptors and alumni around the world, our dynamic Web portal fosters interaction among the FNU community. We also offer a number of online resources for self-directed and independent learning, such as the Frontier Digital Depot (FDD).


The FDD is an online repository that makes collections of instructional content, scholarly publication citations, and student projects easily accessible to FNU students, alumni, faculty, staff, preceptors and the public. These collections allow the FNU community to stay up-to-date with the latest health care research.


The Learning Objects section of the site offers users a selection of FNU’s current instructional content related to nurse-midwifery and family nursing, meaning students can revisit what they are learning in class for further clarification or research. This collection was recently made public, meaning the general public and the nursing community can access educational resource materials and also stay up-to-date with scholarly lessons from the FNU classroom.


“These videos and publications contribute to the understanding of difficult concepts,” said FNU Assistant Professor Dr. Kim Baraona.


Another feature of the FDD is the Faculty and Staff Publications and Presentations Collection, which not only provides a valuable student resource but also highlights FNU faculty and staff research and scholarly activities. The collection currently has 56 publications listed.


Projects from FNU's Doctor of Nursing Practice students are also included in the FDD in the DNP Projects section. This collection allows others to learn from the students’ research, while showcasing the students’ knowledge to possible future employers. Currently, there are over 300 projects available on the site.


According to Anne Cockerham, FNU associate dean of midwifery & women’s health, the FDD showcases the FNU community and its depth of expertise. “It’s a great way to share content across the curriculum and to show off what we do to outside audiences,” said Cockerham.


No matter what your tie to the FNU Community is, we hope you will take advantage of this incredible resource. Click here to begin exploring the Frontier Digital Depot today!


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