FNU Partners with Nursing School in Haiti

Frontier Nursing University (FNU) is excited to announce that we are now partnering with a nursing school in Haiti. The Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti or FSIL (Faculté des Sciences Infirmières de l'Université Episcopale d'Haïti) www.haitinursing.org is the first four-year baccalaureate school of nursing in the country.  


Ranked as the top nursing school in Haiti, FSIL has become a model for nursing schools across the country. FSIL would like to implement a Diploma to BSN program, a nurse-midwifery program, and eventually a family nurse practitioner program. They also hope to build a family birthing center on their campus.


FNU began working with FSIL on this project at the end of 2015. FNU will be assisting with curriculum development, providing consultation on distance education issues and helping ensure the nurse-midwifery program launches successfully.  With hard work and persistence, the program will hopefully launch in late 2016.


“Haiti has some of the most challenging issues in maternal-child health in the world,” said FNU President Dr. Susan Stone. “We believe educating Haitian nurse-midwives will be a major intervention to improve this.”


At the heart of FNU is our desire to help underserved populations. We are excited to come alongside FSIL and carry the FNU mission to one of the neediest countries in the world. We are honored to share our expertise in program development, distance learning and the education of nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners.


Read more about FSIL’s efforts since the earthquake in Diverse Magazine here.

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