Giving Back to FNU

Since its inception, Frontier Nursing University has relied on the generosity of supporters to fund its programs. The lives of untold thousands of mothers and children have been touched by nursing and medical care supported through the gifts of our donors. Hundreds of students have seen their dreams of graduate nursing education fulfilled as a result of scholarships seeded through gifts to Frontier. Indeed, the work of Frontier Nursing University, even now, could not continue without the support of our donors.
There are many ways you can support FNU and our students. Gifts of any amount or type provide much-needed support for our work. Some of the more common methods are:

  • Annual Fund Donations: Gifts may be made by check or credit card and can support the general operations of FNU or be restricted to particular programs. To use our secure online giving form to make your gift today, click HERE. If you prefer to make your donation by check, please mail it to:

Frontier Nursing University
ATTN: Chief Advancement Officer
2050 Lexington Road
Versailles, KY 40383

  • Alumni : 
  • Stock Gifts: You can donate your appreciated stock directly to FNU. For information on how you can transfer stocks directly to us, please contact our Chief Advancement Officer at or 859-251-4573.
  • Donor Advised Funds: If you have a Donor Advised Fund and would like to make a gift to FNU, Click here to make a gift using your Donor Advised Funds
  • Planned Giving: Making a planned or deferred gift is one way that donors can make a significant gift to FNU. There are several types of planned gifts accepted which are listed below. 
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts: These gift instruments allow you and/or your heirs to benefit from the trust's assets during your or their lifetime. Upon the death of the beneficiary, the remaining balance in the trust is transferred to FNU.
    • Perpetual Income Trusts: These allow the income from assets you place in trust to benefit FNU in perpetuity. The principal of your gift remains intact for the life of the trust, and the income is transferred periodically to FNU.
    • Life Insurance: You can name FNU as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or transfer ownership of the policy directly to FNU.
    • Charitable Gift Annuity: You can give a one-time gift to FNU in exchange for fixed, recurring payments over the balance of your life. Upon your death, the balance of your original gift is maintained by FNU for its general use.
    • Testamentary Gifts: You may make provision in your will to provide a specific bequest to FNU, or provide for some or all of your remaining estate to be given to FNU upon your death.

Each of these gift avenues has specific tax implications. Please contact your attorney or financial advisor for further information.  To make your planned gift, please download the Planned Giving Form HERE or contact our Chief Advancement Officer at or 859-251-4573.  For additional information on making a gift to FNU, please contact any of our Advancement Team members.

Student Referrals

Every year, the majority of our incoming students point to the recommendations of their colleagues, who are FNU graduates, as the main reason for applying.  We are grateful for your support of our recruitment efforts, and thank you for sharing the Frontier Nursing University story with your co-workers, friends, and family.
Our goal is to recruit exceptional students just like you. To do that, we ask for your help in identifying high-achieving individuals who will benefit from Frontier’s personalized attention and rigorous curriculum. If you know someone interested in learning more about Frontier Nursing University, please contact Bobbi Silver, Chief Advancement Officer, 859-251-4739.


As a graduate, you have a unique understanding of the history, value, and impact of Frontier Nursing University. Sharing your perspective and enthusiasm with your colleagues and friends or volunteering your time to host a regional event or serve on the Alumni Association’s Advisory Council can have a huge impact.
If you are interested in learning more about being a social media ambassador or hosting an event, or serving on the Alumni Advisory Council, contact Bobbi Silver at


At FNU, we value our clinical preceptors, so we ensure that every preceptor is offered educational resources to support you in your role as a clinical educator. Because we value a preceptor's time and expertise, we offer an honorarium based on the amount of time the preceptor spends with the student. Click here to inquire about becoming a preceptor.

Why become a preceptor?

  • Promote your profession through the education and guidance of your future peers 
  • Help expand access to quality, compassionate care to rural and underserved populations
  • Earn an honorarium based on the percentage of time spent precepting students
  • Gain access to FREE CEUs including sessions on pharmacology and other topics.

 Click here to learn more and inquire about becoming a preceptor.