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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a preceptor for a Frontier student. FNU provides advanced nursing and midwifery education for nurses who seek to become certified nurse-midwives (CNM), family nurse practitioners (FNP), psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP), or women’s health care nurse practitioners (WHCNP). Our online FNP program is ranked #3 in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

FNU offers a community-based distance graduate program leading to a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), a Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC) or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Preceptors are an integral part of the educational experience for FNU student practitioners, but also for promoting the nursing profession.  Many of our preceptors value the opportunity to enhance their own skills and knowledge through precepting students.

At FNU, we value our clinical preceptors, so we ensure that every preceptor is offered educational resources to support you in your role as a clinical educator. Because we value your time and expertise, we offer an honorarium for precepting after the student finishes his/her clinical practicum.

Why become a preceptor?

  • Promote your profession through the education and guidance of your future peers 
  • Help expand access to quality, compassionate care to diverse, rural and underserved populations
  • Earn an honorarium based on the percentage of time spent precepting students
  • Gain access to FREE CEUs including sessions on pharmacology and other current topics


  • Benefits of Precepting an FNU Student
      1. Promote your profession through the education and guidance of your future peers 
      2. Help expand access to quality, compassionate care, to rural and underserved populations
      3. Earn an honorarium based on the percentage of time spent precepting students
      4. Gain access to FREE CEUs including sessions on pharmacology and other exciting topics
      5. Receive support throughout the precepting process from clinical faculty located in your region
      6. Participate in free online training courses
      7. Access the latest clinical guidelines in order to stay current in practice
      8. Earn a 10% discount on all non-matriculating courses at FNU
      9. Obtain documentation of hours spent precepting for recertification purposes
      10. Become a part of the Frontier community and our rich legacy
  • Qualifications for Preceptors
    • Frontier Nursing University recruits preceptors from the following specialties:

      1. Certified Nurse-Midwife
      2. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
      3. Certified Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner
      4. Certified Psych-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

      Preceptor credentials and qualifications:

      1. A valid, unencumbered U.S. license to practice
      2. One year of relevant experience in advanced practice role
      3. Master’s Degree or higher in nursing related field (we do allow BSN for midwives, but an MSN is preferred)
      4. MDs and DOs (clinical time % based upon program)
  • Clinical Details/Required Experiences
    • During the clinical experience a student is expected to master the clinical skills necessary to become a safe beginning level nurse-midwife or nurse practitioner. To achieve this goal, most students will be in clinical for 4-10 months. Clinicals build on the didactic portion of the program. Following are the required clinical experiences; they may be completed in any order and simultaneously. The FNU minimum clinical experience for MSN & PGC students is 750 clinical hours. FNU students are encouraged to plan two to three terms in clinical. Students are allowed to work with multiple preceptors to achieve these hours.

      You can see the details of each specialty's clinical experiences here

      The Regional Clinical Faculty (RCF), with whom the student is assigned, will be in communication with you as a preceptor to monitor the student’s progress. This process includes a Pre-Clinical Site Visit to the student’s primary site and a Clinical Site Visit around the student’s halfway point in their clinical practicum. In order to graduate, students must be able to fulfill the clinical requirements of FNU and demonstrate safe and competent care within the Core Competencies of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) or the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF).

  • Questions about Clinical Credentialing
    • All clinical sites and Preceptors must go through the clinical credentialing process prior to any student beginning their clinical rotation.  Once the student has submitted the Preceptor’s contact information and preferred email address, the Preceptor will be emailed instructions for Frontier Nursing University’s Preceptor Login.  The Preceptor Login gives the Preceptor the ability to add/update their Profile to ensure that we have the most up to date information on file to expedite communication.  The Preceptor Login is also where the Preceptor will access the required DDAT/MDAT Assessment Tools to complete during the student’s clinical rotation.

  • Questions about Frontier
    • For questions about Frontier Nursing University please click here.

  • Preceptor Role in the Clinical Experience
    • As a preceptor, you are serving as the student’s teacher, supervisor, and evaluator during the clinical practicum. With your expertise, you can help shape the future of nursing and touch many lives through the hands of our FNU students.  You will have support from the Clinical Outreach and Placement team, the Regional Clinical Faculty (RCF) member in your area, and have access to free continuing education.

  • What should I expect once completing the Preceptor Inquiry Form?
    • Instructions for the Frontier Nursing University Preceptor Login are sent to the preferred email address you provide.  Once your Preceptor Credentialing is complete, you will have access to all Preceptor materials through your Preceptor Profile.  You may update that information at any time.  The contact information you provide will then display on Frontier Nursing University's Community Map for students to view when searching for preceptors in the area.  Please note that you may not have a student contact you immediately, but your contact information will remain available for all current and future students.

  • Regional Clinical Faculty (RCF) Role in the Clinical Experience
    • The Regional Clinical Faculty (RCF) serves as the student's advisor during the clinical portion of the program. RCFs approve the overall clinical plan and provide guidance and support to both the student and preceptor during this time in the student's curriculum. RCFs evaluate both the clinical site and preceptor to ensure excellence before the student begins the clinical experience. Like our students and course faculty, our RCFs are located across the United States. Most students are matched with an RCF who lives in the region of the country closest to them.

  • Student Role in the Clinical Experience
    • At FNU, students are supported in their clinical site placement by our Clinical Outreach and Placement Services Team. There are many benefits to students taking the lead in identifying their own preceptor and customizing their own experience.  There are a number of resources available to assist students, including our clinical site database, their Clinical Advisors, and their RCF. In addition, students must complete a rigorous clinical credentialing process. While at their clinical sites, students are responsible for adhering to professional attributes and behaviors including timeliness, ethical practice, confidential communication, professional competencies, commitment to evidence-based clinical decision-making, self-assessment, preparedness, appearance, and effective communication.

  • More questions? Contact Us. We can help!
  • Preceptor Honorarium Payment
    • FNU offers an honorarium to clinical preceptors in appreciation for working with clinical students. The payment amount is based on the program and the number of hours the preceptor spends with the student. Confirmation of the hours submitted as well as the CEU credits earned will be emailed to each Preceptor.   

      Please note, some employers do not allow their providers to accept individual payments.  We advise that you verify this with your employer.  Preceptors have an option to donate their honorarium payments to FNU for various funds.