Former Couriers:

Connect, Support, & Engage


Connect with Other Couriers

If you are interested in getting in touch with someone you served with during your time as a Courier, please contact the Courier Program Director. We are also in the process of establishing a new Courier Facebook page, so please be on the lookout for updates!


Support the Courier Program

There are many ways you can support the legacy of the Courier Program. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a "high tea" at your home in the spirit of Mary Breckinridge. Tell your family and friends about your time as a Courier! We will help you plan it step-by-step! Contact us.
  • Donate to Frontier Nursing University's endowment, which is endowing the Courier Program.
  • Forge a Courier connection with a current Courier who is serving in your area. You would be assigned to one Courier and asked to reach out to them by telephone or in-person during their time on site. You would be encouraged to process their experiences with them and to share photos and stories of your experience as a Courier. The purpose of this is to help them connect with the legacy of the Courier Program.
  • Buy your copy of the Courier Book today! Thanks to Anne Z. Cockerham, we can now offer a book about the history of the Couriers of Frontier Nursing. Connect with your memories of the time you will never forget through Unbridled Service: Growing Up and Giving Back as a Frontier Nursing Service Courier, 1928-2010. Told primarily from the perspective of Couriers like yourself and accompanied by hundreds of striking photographs, you will surely find yourself in its pages and delight in the memories of Couriers’ service.
  • Stay up to date! Frontier hosts a blog that features articles about events and happenings at Frontier as well as Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Courier spotlights. The blog also features articles about students and faculty who attend events and conferences. Keep up-to-date by reading the articles on our blog (posted every Monday and Thursday!).


Share Your Courier Adventures and Photos

Have a story you remember and want to share? We publish stories about former Couriers on the FNU Blog and in the Quarterly Bulletin. Please share your story by emailing our Courier Program Director at We'd love to hear from you!
To read our previous Courier Stories, please visit the FNU Blog.