Diversity Impact 2017

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Join Us for an Impactful, Sight-Seeing, Cultural Excursion! You're Invited to...

The seventh annual Diversity Impact 2017 Student Conference was held June 1-4, 2017, on FNU’s historic campus in Kentucky. This event was hosted by the Diversity PRIDE student organization and was open to all attendees who want to become part of FNU’s legacy of providing care to rural and underserved communities.

During the Diversity Impact weekend workshop, students had the opportunity to:

  • Attend sessions hosted by nationally recognized nursing leaders;
  • Participate in teambuilding activities, cultural competency awareness training, and open dialogues;
  • Network with available FNU students, community leaders, faculty, staff; and
  • Learn more about the world with FNU’s International Food a la Carte.


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2017 Diversity Impact Event Summary
2017 Diversity Impact Speakers