Frontier Nursing University Antiracism Statement

July 17, 2020

“At Frontier Nursing University we oppose injustice and cruelty and condemn racism in all its forms. We support peaceful protests and demonstrations and join all those working to end systemic racism, racial violence, and police brutality. We are committed to building a culture that is inclusive and caring for all.” 

These are the words we published about our university on June 2, 2020. At Frontier Nursing University, we are striving daily to be an anti-racist university. Being anti-racist is not about who we say we are, it is about actions that we take. Anti-racism requires active and conscious efforts to end racial inequities in our daily lives.  To be anti-racist, we must commit to interrupting racism when we see it. 

Accountability and action are key concepts of anti-racism. To truly become an anti-racist university is an ongoing practice and process. It is critical to our mission. The effects of racism are seen in the health care outcomes of people of color every day. Two examples include the facts that Black women die in childbirth at 3-4 times the rate of white women and people of color die of COVID at much higher rates than white people. We must be the anti-racist university that we say we are; people's lives depend on this. 

To all our students, preceptors, alumni and other committed partners, thank you for your commitment to our mission. We are all working hard together to make this world a better and more equitable place.