TechSmith Knowmia

What is TechSmith Knowmia?

TechSmith Knowmia, formerly known as TechSmith Relay, is a screen recorder that allows users to easily create presentations.

How do I access TechSmith Knowmia?

You can log in to your TechSmith account using the following link or by selecting TechSmith Knowmia under the Apps menu of the Portal.

You can also use Knowmia in Canvas when replying to a Discussion post or using the Rich Content Editor (Text Entry) for an Assignment submission.

How do I record a presentation using Knowmia?

Please watch the following video tutorial for help recording a presentation using Knowmia. (For written directions, click here)

Using Knowmia in Canvas

When replying to a Discussion post or using the Rich Content Editor, click the Knowmia icon to open your Library.

After clicking the Knowmia icon, your Knowmia Library will appear, allowing you to record new media or select already existing media to upload to your post/submission.

To record new media:

  • Click Launch Capture.

To add existing media:

  • Click Add Media

If you have existing media located in Folders, you will also see the following options.

  • Add Folder
    • This option shows a playlist of all videos in the selected folder.
  • Open Folder
    • View all media inside of a folder. You can then select a specific video to add to your post/submission.

Once you have selected your media, the item will be embedded into your post. You can also type above and/or below the embedded video.


For technical assistance, please reach out to FNU Support at 859-251-4545 or email