mhc: minority health conference

The Minority Health Conference is held on the campus of UNC Chapel-Hill in North Carolina, and is currently the largest and longest running student-led health conference in the nation.  The conference aims to raise awareness regarding health disparities and issues impacting communities of color and marginalized groups, and helps bring together students, healthcare experts, academic and community leaders to take part in discussions to aid in finding solutions to current disparities.

Why attend mhc?

  • Highlights health issues of concern for people of color, and marginalized populations.
  • Conference aims to raise awareness regarding health disparities.
  • Prioritizes minority health and fosters inclusive strategies for change.
  • Access to watch the live streamed Keynote Webcast.
  • Workshops focus on the role of public health in connection with health equity.
  • Brings together students, industry experts, academics and community leaders.
  • Opportunities to attend conferences to represent FNU as a Student Ambassador.


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The annual Minority Health Conference and exhibit is held on the campus of UNC Chapel-Hill in North Carolina.  FNU attends the conference and represents the university with information on FNU's  degree specialty tracks and the diversity program.


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MHC Planning Committee

“As a nurse practitioner, this conference exposed me to the numerous societies and groups available to help promote health and restore hope to minority groups."
- Catherine Orji
Family Nurse Practitioner Student