KSU Career college fair 

The KSU Career College Fair is held on the campus of Kentucky State University, one of Kentucky's premier Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) in Frankfort, Kentucky.  The annual fair aims to successfully transition individuals from student to professional by offering a broad range of services to provide career information, co-op and internship opportunities, employment,  and continued education through graduate school programs. The KSU Career College Fair aims ito improve student success through career, academic, personal, and vocational development.

Why attend KSU college career fair?

  • Provides consultation for academic, personal, social and vocational development .
  • Assist attendees in analyzing interests, aptitudes, values and desired lifestyles for employment and educational opportunities.
  • Explore potential careers withemployers, and resume preparation skills.
  • Receive feedback and guidance regarding effective interviewing skills.

FNU Events                                                              

The annual KSU Career College Fair is held on the campus of Kentucky State University in Frankfort, and brings in hundreds of undergrate students interested in graduate school and internship opportunities. The Diversity Impact and Courier Intership program attend the event to represent the university with information on FNU's degree specialtie, diversity in nursing, and internship opportunities. 

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For More information contact:

MHC Planning Committee
Email: mhc.chairs@gmail.com 
Website: http://minorityhealth.web.unc.edu/

“Not only did I build many different professional relationships and connections in the industry...I also had the opportunity to refine my socialization skills and gain insight into a very diverse University, where students attend from all across the United States."
- Tara Dykes
FNU Courier Internship Coordinator