American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) ANNUAL conference

The American Assembly for Men in Nursing represents thousands of nurses across the country.  The conference helps bring together nursing students, healthcare experts, nursing professionals and nurse administrators to take part in discussions to meet the most important objective of AAMN, which is to strengthen and humanize health care, and to advocate for continued research, education and awareness on men's health issues.  At AAMN, nurses receive trending news on healthcare topics, and trend setting opportunities for advocacy at the state and national level. 

Why attend AAMN?

  • Advocate for continued research, education and awareness on men's health issues.
  • Address legislative, regulatory and practices affecting men in healthcare and the nursing profession.
  • Address health disparities and health inequities impacting men.
  • Advocate for best practices with gender diversity in the nursing profession. 
  • Educational workshops designed to help nurses achieve professional growth.
  • Engage in activities that promote awareness for men in nursing.
  • Brings together nursing students, community leaders and industry experts.
  • Opportunities to attend conferences to represent FNU as a Student Ambassador.

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The national AAMN conference is an event that brings together thousands of nurses from across the world, and is held each year in various cities throughout the country. FNU attends the conference and represents the university with information on FNU's  degree specialty tracks and the Diversity Program.

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Past AAMN Events 

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American Assembly for Men in Nursing

"There are various fields within nursing that men have contributed to, and seeing all these contributors at the [AAMN] conference was very inspiring!
- Julian Williams
Family Nurse Practitioner Student