FNU Diversity PRIDE Program

Thank you for your interest in learning about Frontier's Diversity PRIDE Program!  FNU has over 300 students across American that are taking part in serving their communities within the Diversity PRIDE program.  

PRIDE is inclusive of all students wanting to enhance diversity and highlight cultural awareness within the field of nursing. Where students strive to discover themselves in a world filled with cultures beyond their own.The overall benefits of the PRIDE program allow our students to become global thinkers and leaders within their community!

As a PRIDE student, you will receive support services to ensure successful completion of your program of study. Support services include:

  • Monthly webinars featuring current health topics related to diversity in nursing.
  • Complimentary student subscription from the national Minority Nurse Magazine.
  • Access to the FNU Multicultural Center
  • Time Management and Test Prep tips through the Academic Resource Center (ARC).
  • Opportunities to attend conferences to represent FNU as a Student Ambassador. 
  • The annual FNU Diversity Impact Student Conference weekend event
  • Academic scholarship opportunities and Essay Writing contests
  • Assistance in locating facilities for clinical practicum.