Master Preceptor and Expert Preceptor Program


As a Frontier Nursing University (FNU) preceptor, you understand the impact and value of serving as a mentor to future nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners. You are not only promoting your profession through the education and guidance of your future peers but also helping to expand access to quality, compassionate care for women and families.

As an FNU preceptor, you are part of our community and rich legacy, and we hope you’ll explore the opportunities we offer to take your preceptorship to the next level as an Expert Preceptor and Master Preceptor.








What is an FNU Expert Preceptor? 

To become an FNU Expert Preceptor, you must have served as a preceptor for at least three FNU students in the past five years, completed the Gift of Precepting course, and signed the Declaration of Safety. Once considered an Expert Preceptor, you have the option to renew every two years if you have continued to serve as a primary preceptor for at least one FNU student and/or participated in an FNU Case Management Day. 

Expert Preceptor benefits:

• certificate of completion 

• commemorative Expert Preceptor pin

• access to the FNU Library 

• public recognition on the FNU website and communications pieces. 


What is an FNU Master Preceptor? 

To become a Master Preceptor, you must be a current FNU Expert Preceptor, have served as a primary preceptor for at least six FNU students, and have completed FNU’s Master Precepting Course. 

Master Preceptor benefits:

 • all FNU Expert Preceptor benefits 

• commemorative Master Preceptor pin

 • choice of mobile point of care subscription 

Are you interested in learning more about becoming an Expert Preceptor or Master Preceptor? Take the next step today! 

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