Cari Michaels - 1988

When Cari Michaels was finishing up her undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, she decided to spend a couple of months as a Courier for Frontier Nursing Service. (Read More...)


Leslie Olivas - 1963

In 1963, Leslie Olivas went to Wendover to serve as a Courier. She learned of the Courier Program from a classmate at her high school who had been to Frontier. (Read More...)


Martha Hill

Martha Hill - 1965

The first time that Martha Hill knew she wanted to be a nurse, she was in the sixth or seventhgrade. She did not have a television in her North Carolina mountain home, so she spent a lot of time reading books about women in different professional roles. (Read More...)


Cynthia Shultz

Cynthia Shultz - 1968

Cynthia heard about the Courier Program while she was in boarding school at Milton Academy in the tri-cities of New York. (Read More...)


Jane Haldeman Hope

Jane Haldeman Hope - 1950s

Jane Hope was a Courier in the 1950s. She enjoyed her experiences so much so that she returned to Wendover on several different occasions as a senior Courier. Her last visit to Wendover was in 1959. (Read More...)


Jean Gilcrest - 1957

Jean Gilcrest was a Courier between her sophomore and junior years of college, in the summer of 1957 . She had learned of the program through family members. (Read More...)


Jean White Bryne - 1941

Jean White Byrne learned of the Courier Program from a professor at Maryville College. Her professor encouraged her to travel to Frontier in her junior year to assist with bookkeeping. However, it was not until just prior to her graduation in 1941 that she made the decision to come to Frontier Nursing Service. (Read More...)


Jess Rice

Jess Rice - 1994

Jess Rice learned about the Courier Program from a friend who had been a Courier the year before. She was just out of high school and was looking for an opportunity to explore an area outside of her hometown. (Read More...)


Katharine More

Katharine More - 1952

Katharine More was a Courier in the summer of 1952. She does not remember how she learned of the program, but it was something that her and her family always had knowledge of. Katharine “was interested in doing something worthwhile, something that would be good for humanity.” (Read More...)


Mary White

Mary White - 1976

Mary White was a Courier at Wendover in the fall of 1976. She grew up in Mclean Virginia, close to Washington, D.C where many Courier alumni lived. She heard about the Courier program from her next door neighbor, who was a Courier when Mary Breckinridge was alive. Mary loved horses and the FNS horse-riding midwives captured her imagination. (Read More...)


Ruth Venable - 1955

Ruth Venable spent time as a courier in the Summer of 1955. She spent time at both Red Bird Clinic and at Mary Breckinridge hospital, but the majority of her time was spent at Wendover. As a Courier, Ruth served tea, took care of horses, and enjoyed the company of other Couriers and Wendover staff. (Read More...)


Maggie Jones

Maggie Jones - 1981

When she was 20 years old, Maggie traveled from Louisville, Kentucky to Wendover in the mountains. Being from Kentucky, Maggie and her family had heard of Frontier Nursing Service and the Courier Program long before she became a Courier. (Read More...)


Sallie Bingham

Sallie Bingham - 1957

Sallie Bingham was a Courier in the year 1957. Sallie’s parents sent her from Louisville to Wendover as a way of avoiding a local traditional summer. She had just finished her junior year in college, and although it was the custom of that time, she did not want to make her “debut” like the rest of her classmates. Instead, they packed up the car and her father drove her down to be a Courier for the Frontier Nursing Service. (Read More...)


Phoebe Wood

Phoebe Wood - 1967

In the late 1960’s, Phoebe Wood spent a summer in Wendover serving as a Courier for Frontier Nursing Service. The Courier Program was a family tradition: Phoebe’s mother and aunt had both been Couriers. Phoebe grew up being told stories of the Courier Program, Frontier Nursing Service, and Mary Breckinridge that had been passed down by generations of women in her family. (Read More...)


Lee Fox

Lee Fox - 1976

Lee Fox went into college with the intention of pursuing an art history degree. However, during her sophomore and junior year of college, life intervened. Lee grew ill and underwent many surgeries and chemotherapy. This unfortunate turn of events, however, had a silver lining; she was introduced to the world of healthcare and to the Frontier Nursing Service! (Read More...)


Elia Cole

Elia Cole - 2009

Upon her return from a mission trip to Lima, Peru, during which Elia Cole spent time volunteering in a hospital, she was inspired to explore healthcare in her own country as well—particularly in areas with limited resources. When she came across the Courier Program, she realized this internship was the perfect combination of education and adventure. Elia was eager to learn about healthcare in the Appalachian Mountains, an area that, after being raised in New York, seemed just as foreign to her as did South America. (Read More...)


Rebecca Stanevich

Rebecca Stanevich - 1970

Rebecca Stanevich learned of Frontier Nursing Services as she was flipping through an old book about different occupations, one of which was nursing. The Courier Program at FNS interested Rebecca because she wanted to learn more about the profession of nurse-midwifery. With the help of her mother and a neighbor, she had the opportunity to travel to Wendover in 1970 to serve as a FNS Courier alongside 4 or 5 other young people her age for six weeks. (Read More...)


Marian Liebold

Marian Leibold - 1977

While searching for her own life’s future direction, Marian Liebold saw the perfect opportunity to pursue a summer filled with adventure and service by traveling to help where her help could be used--Leslie County, KY. So in 1977, she, like many before her, embarked on her adventure in Wendover as a part of the Courier Program. (Read More...)


Amanda Strauss

Amanda Strauss - 2009

Everyday I get a little clearer sense what the life of a nurse midwife looks like. Today I opened an entirely new door, the exhaustion of laboring. Yesterday I attended my first birth. Today I can feel it. (Read More...)




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