Student Spotlight - Roxanne LaPointe, RN

Frontier Nursing University (FNU) student Roxanne LaPointe, RN doesn’t use her nursing education in a hospital or a traditional health care facility. Instead, Roxanne takes her talents to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, where she cares for elderly and chronically ill inmates.


“I chose Frontier because they believe in underserved populations,” she said. “I decided to pursue an advanced degree so that I could do more for my patients.”


Roxanne is pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at Frontier to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, which will enable her to do the work she is truly passionate about.

Her patients include approximately 1,500 men from ages 18 to 80. On a daily basis, she addresses a wide range of illnesses in the correctional facility’s 20-bed infirmary. Roxanne, also a FNU Wide Neighborhoods Ambassador, has worked at her current position for over five years. She is working to make her profession more recognized in the medical world.


“I help give a voice and advocate for those who are forgotten and thrown away by society,” she said.


To that end, after she graduates with her MSN this year, she has decided to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from FNU.


Why Frontier? Frontier is “real and gritty,” said Roxanne, just like her work. Through her dedicated efforts, an education from Frontier is helping her make a difference.


Thank you for your diligence in serving a truly underserved population. We are proud to have you as an FNU student!


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